General questions

- What is IOX artidex?

IOX-artindex (iox-artindex.com) is a professional platform dedicated to artists as well as to art professionals such as collectors, curators, critics, ect. 
As part of IOX, you can find detailed information about artists, download quotes of their works, see the events in which they participated, follow their activities and much more.
Collectors and art professionals may have an overall, up to date, reliable and certified framework of the movements and trends of many contemporary artists.

- Why use IOX?

IOX-artindex is an independent tool to certify the performance and quotations of artists.
Through its team and the engine of its system, IOX evaluates all the artist's activities in the contemporary art field.
Every collector or professional needs this kind of information before selecting a project to buy, and every curator examines it before inserting an artist within a show. Our independent certification guarantees the reliability of the information and then use it to generate the quotations of every single work.
Through this, we facilitate finding and getting to know new talented artists.

- How do I get started?

Creating an account on IOX is easy, fast and free. 
Once you have opened your account, enter your profile information, the events you have done (exhibitions, awards, publications, auctions, fairs, etc.) and all your creations.
Your data and information will be verified and used to generate the quotes of your works.
We remind you that the IOX index is updated daily and the information you insert must be complete and comprehensive.


- What information is included in the quotation pdf?

The document containing the artist's quotations includes:
- date of last quotations’ update
- average, minimum and maximum price of each work uploaded by the artist in his profile. Prices are expressed in € (Euro).
- price of each work over time.
- future estimate of the price of each work.
- chart of events in which the artist took part
- chart of artist's productivity
- chart of the artist’s IOX performance over time (last 30 days and last year).

- How are calculated the quotations for each work of art?

IOX artindex, calculates the prices of each work based on the following variables:
- value of the IOX index, which is assigned on the basis of: educational and scholastic experiences, reference galleries and all the events performed by the artist (for a complete list of the events analyzed, see the Faq "Trend of the artist" ).
- type and characteristics of the work.
- private sales of works by the same artist.
- auction sales of works by the same artist.
The variables are managed by multiple algorithms that cross data and constantly check it in order to guarantee complete reliability of the system.

- When and how are the quotations updated?

Quotations are updated daily.
If some changes or innovations are introduced by the artist, the quotations will be updated in real time.

- The prices of the IOX index are different from the quotations that I usually use. What should I do?

Generally, the reason for the differences is due to incomplete information contained in your own profile, such as omitted work details or incorrectly inserted events.
We therefore recommend to constantly update your artist profile.
For special problems, the “Help" section is available in the menu of your personal page.


- What information is included in the dossier?

The dossier is comprised of the following elements:

- date of last update

- basic information about the artist and the value of his general trend

- 2 trend charts (one related to the activities of the past year, and another one related to all recorded activities)

- a list in text format of all the events and submitted activities, with relative details

- news and upcoming events of the artist

- 4 images or videos frames related to the artist's work, including their details (these are the first 4 works from the personal profile, which the artist can replace by moving other works to the top of the list).

- When and how is dossier updated?

The dossier is updated automatically whenever your information is modified. This means that the dossier is always up to date.

Artist's trend

- What is the artist's trend?

The IOX index assigns a value ("trend") to each event performed by the artist.
The total value of these trends is the value of the IOX index assigned to the artist.

- What kind of events can be evaluated?

The events that contribute to the generation of trends are:

- exhibitions (personal and collective)
- prizes and awards
- sales (public and private)
- fairs
- auctions
- festivals and artistic events
- publications (on paper and digital)
- interviews
- workshops and artistic residences
- articles and reviews

- How does IOX value an event?

Every submitted event is verified and checked by our system. 
The trend's assessment is carried out by comparing the event with events already evaluated by our team. 
IOX has developed a database of thousands of events with a defined value for each one. If the inserted event is equal to an event that already exists in our database, it will take the same assessment. 
If the event has not been evaluated, our team will create a new assessment by entering the event between two trends as similar as possible (one higher and the another one lower) and consequently it will give an intermediate value to the event. 
In this way, the IOX database is constantly evolving, allowing a comparison more precise and definite. 
This ensures the independence of evaluations of all trends of the artists who are part of the IOX system. 
The database is also constantly monitored in order to adapt the values of the trend to the changes of the professional importance of the galleries, museums, fairs, prizes, awards, etc.

An important element has been introduced to ensure maximum transparency and independence of the assessment: a report of abuse. With the help of this tool, the same artists, collectors and portal users, in addition to our team, monitor and check the reliability of information and events.

- I have received a report of abuse. What should I do?

The person that has received a report of abuse doesn't have to do anything. Our team will deal with the verification of each report. 
The IOX system allows anyone to report an abuse against a trend. An event may be reported as an abuse when the information is false or misleading. 
This control system is useful and necessary to ensure the professionalism and independence of our certifications. 
The account of an artist which has received a report of abuse that have been verified as real abuse afterwards, will be suspended or permanently deleted from our system, depending on the degree of the abuse. 

Account management

- What information can I put on my profile?

On your personal IOX page you can insert:

-your personal details and one profile photo

-your artistic disciplines

-your contacts and reference galleries
-information and your presentation

-news and upcoming events
-your artworks and videos

-all your past events, along with their description and reference links

- I can't upload images. What should Ido?

Check the format of the picture. It must be one of the following: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, or .bmp.
Check if the image isn't bigger than 5 MB.
Check if the photo doesn't have any special characters in the name (/&%£:;:., etc.).
If after all these checks you are unable to upload a photo or video, please contact us through the link “Help" on your personal page.

- I have found an error in the system. How can I report it?

If you notice an error in the system, please let us know by sending an alert through the contact form.
Thank you for your cooperation.

- How can I contact you?

If you have a registered account, you can contact us directly from your personal page through the contact link.
If you are a visitor, a collector, etc. and would like to have general information, you can contact us by clicking on the link “contact us” located in the bottom left of the site.